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The Top Five Things That Help Sustain A Loving Relationship

The Top Five Things That Help Sustain A Loving Relationship

1.  Enjoy the creative process of developing your relationship!
Every day check into your intention to fuel your relationship with loving kindness and respect, honest and graceful communication, humor, laughter and play.  Your relationship is living art that is an expression of your passion and wisdom.  Preserve and honor your right to create a masterpiece!

2.   Develop a safe and compassionate emotional environment in your relationship!
Work to understand each other’s triggers and develop deep compassion for their origins.  By creating a safe place for you and your partner to express fears, vulnerabilities, hopes and dreams, you will deepen the trust and widen the foundation that will sustain your relationship.

3.  Respect each other’s differences!
In managing your different wants, needs and desires, be compromising but not sacrificing of your true self.  Don’t expect your partner to read your mind and don’t try to read his.  Put energy into updating your ever-changing perspectives with one another and re-negotiating your different needs.

4.  Be responsible for your own happiness and personal growth!
Gaining closer access to your truest self and caring for yourself allows you to bring your best self to the relationship.  If both people bring their best selves forward the exponential gain greatly enhances the possibility of a successful relationship.

5.  Laugh at yourself and your humanness with one another!
When we can’t laugh at our own craziness, we set ourselves up for unrealistic expectations of ourselves and our partner.  Give each other the benefit of the doubt as much as you can by remembering that everything we do, no matter how ridiculous, we do to be loved.

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